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  • An oral examination helps to diagnose any dental problems before they become hazardous to health or impossible to treat.
  • Professional cleaning of teeth to remove plaque and calculus and to ensure a healthy smile.
  • Digital radiographs allow diagnosing caries, cysts, extra teeth and other problems that cannot be detected with the naked eye.
  • Sealant is a tooth colored dental material that binds to enamel of the tooth and protects teeth against decay.
  • Varnish prevents tooth decay.
  • Fluoride treatment prevents tooth decay.
  • White restoration requiring removal of minimal tooth structure
  • Stainless steel crown to restore badly broken down teeth.
  • Pulpotomy or Pulpectomy removes the infected nerve tissue of the tooth partially or completely.
  • Extraction of hopeless teeth
  • Space Management

Fabrication of custom-made sport guards to protect teeth and jaws during group sports.

For thumb/ finger sucking or tongue trust

  • Cracked tooth
  • Abscessed or infected tooth
  • Teething or eruption of teeth
  • Avulsed teeth
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